The Locals’ Guide to Best Coffee in Augusta

Stacie Wells

Don’t get me wrong; there is nothing wrong with Starbucks. AT ALL. You’ll occasionally see me cruising through the drive-thru for one of their iced tea infusions (the pineapple black tea infusion is a favorite.) However, there is something really endearing to me about a local coffee house. Locally roasted beans, the ambiance, knowing that you’re supporting a locally owned business in our community…all of that adds up to something very special. Want to love where you live? Embrace the community…every last quirky, local drop of it.


While I’m not as much of a coffee drinker as I used to be, I still love it – almost as much as I love kombucha. Iced coffee and especially cold brew are my favorites.  I do indulge occasionally but for the most part, I’m sharing this for you, my coffee-loving friends. There are so many great local coffeehouses in the Augusta area. Here are three of my favorites (in alphabetical order)…


  1. Buona Caffe – Central Avenue in Augusta – Coffee aside, I love this location. Central Avenue is known for its historic bungalows and quaint Craftsman homes. Buona Caffe is located in one of these adorable old homes which was built in 1930 and is oozing with charm. Known for their locally roasted beans and arguably one of the best baristas in town, they also have pretty amazing hot chocolate. I’ve heard that Pat makes a pretty amazing quiche, but I’ve never gotten there early enough to try it.


  1. Harlem Java House – right smack in the middle of “downtown” Harlem – Veteran owned and operated, this coffee house is worth the drive for no other reason than the edgy atmosphere. The coffee is great. If you’re a tea drinker, try the iced blueberry pomegranate. If goat milk soap is your thing, make sure to smell the bourbon and tobacco if they have any on the shelf. If they don’t, it’s because I’ve bought it all. Also of note? Local yarn. (Fellow knitters rejoice!)


  1. New Moon Cafe – Downtown Augusta in the JB White’s Building on Broad Street – Locally roasted beans and the place for #coffeesnobs but let’s be real… the grits bowl is equally amazing. Local grits, pimento cheese, bacon, salsa, avocado, and Cholula.  I always add a fried egg to the top of mine. Just do it. You can thank me later.


Special Mention: Coffee Geek – Mobile barista, Veteran owned and operated. David is one of my favorite humans. Follow him on Instagram for daily locations and times @mycoffeegeek. You’ll find yourself visiting just as much for the conversation as you do for the coffee. Great cold brew. Make sure to ask him for a recommendation. (Pro tip: possible non-menu flavors)


Please let me know your favorites…enjoy!